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San Diego Testimonials
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Hello Pete,

Thank you for this thorough report. I wanted to comment that, prior property purchases being in Nevada, we have not experienced this level of competence and attention to detail as is contained in your report. The photos with notations is especially helpful (and amazing). My husband asked if I got the air filter size by chance, but there it was in your report!

You are correct, having this report in hand truly allows peace of mind that this home has been thoroughly vetted by an expert.
Thank you!


Thanks Pete. It was a pleasure meeting you yesterday. I appreciate your thoroughness and enthusiasm. Your report not only lets us make a more informed buying decision, but it also helps us to prioritize repairs and upgrades with out limited dollars.

Todd T.


Pete, thanks for the professional job you did.  The thorough nature of your work is deserving of respect, and will aid greatly in my decision making.

David H.

Hi Peter, Thank you so very much for bringing me the confidence I needed buying my place. I am so glad I found you at such a critical time. After the inspection, I gave notice to move out from my rental knowing that I will be safe.

You're the best!

Thank you so much for doing a thorough job today. We appreciate your professionalism and the speedy report. We enjoyed meeting you today.
Susan and Myron  

We really appreciated the detail with which you performed your inspection, the care you took in explaining everything and the earnest advice that you gave.
Thank you,


THANKS so VERY much for your detail and due diligence and for being available so quickly!!!  You do great work.  I will be calling!!!



Thanks very much.  Your professionalism, in-depth knowledge and thoroughness were very refreshing. I will certainly steer future inspections your way.


David, Owner/Broker   




It was a pleasure meeting and working with you yesterday morning. Tim and Jenna seemed very pleased with you and were glad that you had inspected the property before. I appreciated how personable you were/are. You have a great balance of work/humor, which always puts the client at ease.
Thank you,


Thank you, Pete!! 
You did a very thorough inspection. I appreciate your all your hard work & advice. I'll look over the report and let you know if I have any questions/comments.



Thanks, Pete. Margaret was very impressed with you and said she may switch from the inspector she usually uses to you! Thanks for spending so much time with us yesterday. Really appreciate the help, and will definitely recommend you to others.


Best, Jesse


Pete, It was my pleasure meeting you today - I greatly appreciate how you handle your inspection and my buyers questions. The follow up with information on what we discussed is greatly appreciated.
You’re the Best. I look forward to doing business with you in the future.

Dear Pete,


Thank you for giving such a thorough and efficient inspection. I appreciated your professionalism in showing me how to care for and maintain my new home. I felt comfortable talking to you and asking questions because of your relaxed friendly nature.   It was a pleasure working with you, and I will gladly recommend you time and again. 

Thank you, Trisha S. 


Hello Peter Manjuck,

I believe our realtor has made an appointment with you to inspect a condo that we've just completed a sales contract on. My husband, daughter, and I are looking forward to meeting you tomorrow morning (Saturday, Jan. 12) at 10 AM. I was just poking around on your website and saw some very interesting information - thank you for putting together such a useful site.

Regards, Katika Bade




Thanks for doing such a complete job on our home inspection. I think that this was the best $300.00 I have ever spent in my life! 
Phil Schutt




Keith and I wish to thank you for your thorough and informative inspection of our property in escrow.  As a Realtor, and buyer in this case, I am very impressed with your inspection and will recommend you as often as I can.  Thank you for your patience with all of our questions and being so kind in all your explanations to us.   

L.S.I., Office Manager



You are so quick! Thank you so much for walking me through the process, I now know and understand what needs to be taken care of. I will be recommending you to all our agents! You are awesome!!!


Sincerely, Krishta

Dear Pete,

Lika and I were so impressed with your professionalism and friendliness. You were not just an inspector, but you were willing to help us understand what you were checking, how conditions were and gave us tips and suggestions.  We felt very good about the house and confirmed to buy it thanks to your words.

We have no doubt that if anyone needs a home inspection, we will refer him/her to you. Thanks again for your inspection and report.





Thanks Peter. We really appreciate your thorough inspection, and the quick report!