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Condo Inspections


For many people, purchasing a condo or a condo-conversion (apartment building converted into a condo) is their first step into home ownership. It's a very exciting time for everyone involved. You see new flooring, lighting fixtures, windows, shiny new appliances and beautiful new bathrooms!


As an inspector, I am trained to look past all the glamour and glitter to find the actual condition of the property. The truth is, that as an inspector I find numerous defects in this type of dwelling. Most commonly, I'll discover improperly installed appliances, faulty plumbing fixtures and unsafe electrical components. In addition, I see a lot of damaged items like cabinetry, window screens and countertops.


Don't be fooled into thinking that everything is new so it must be working properly.

Protect your investment and protect your family. Call me today for a thorough inspection.


Our inspection of a condominium/townhouse unit is limited to the interior components only.

The residential dwelling unit is part of a complex that is managed and maintained by a Home Owners Association. The inspection will be limited to a visual evaluation of the systems and components that are located within the dwelling unit inspected.

The current condition of the “common elements” such as, but not limited to, stairs; landings; porches; hallways; walks; balconies; roofs; decks; patios; pools; spas; recreational areas/equipment; elevators; utility metering; parking stalls/ports; building site condition; structural stability; drainage systems; and all common areas on the property is not considered to be part of the inspection report. Any comments made regarding it have been made as a courtesy only, and should be addressed to the Home Owners Association or their representative.




Peter Manjuck, CCI, CMI

CREIA Certified Inspector