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Same Day Inspection Reports

Our reports are simple, easy to read and come complete with digital photos of any issues that we might find.

You'll receive a written report within the same day of the inspection. Reports are delivered via email to the client and their agent.

We do encourage our clients to be present during the inspection as this allows them to ask questions and review topics with the inspector right on site at the time of the inspection. We also feel that it's important for us to educate the buyer about  vital components of the home such as the electrical, water and gas shut-offs as well as how to change the heating and A/C filters.

Upon completion of the inspection, our findings will be reviewed on site with the client giving us the opportunity to discuss together possible remedies or solutions to any problem areas.

Should you have any concerns or questions, continued support is only a phone call away. Remember, we're always here for you!

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