Foreclosures and Bank Owned Properties

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Homes usually go into foreclosure because the owner can no longer afford the mortgage payments. As a result, maintenance and repairs get neglected as well and many of the homes have been vandalized. You need to know the true condition of the home that you're buying!

Sellers are required to disclose all known significant defects. If a foreclosure home is owned by a bank, the bank has never lived in the property, so it is exempt from disclosing any information about the home. In these situations, it is especially important to get a home inspection.


We help to ensure that you're not going to get stuck with the money-pit.

A home inspector’s job is to identify and report the actual condition of a home’s systems and components. After the inspection, you’ll have a clearer understanding of the property you’re about to buy, which will enable you to make a more confident decision.  

Remember, no house is perfect. If the inspector finds problems, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t buy the house, only that you’ll know in advance what to expect. 

We encourage the buyer to be present during the inspection. By observing and asking questions, you’ll learn a great deal about the condition of the home, how its systems work and how to maintain it. Witnessing problem areas first-hand gives you a better grasp of what is and isn’t an issue.



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